Chapter Three: Labor & Delivery

The setting:

It's a Tuesday in October, and I'm now 3 days past my due date, feeling huge and uncomfortable. I was sleeping somewhat peacefully until a sharp pain took over my body and drove me into sudden consciousness. I sat straight up in bed, grabbed my enormously round belly and simultaneously let out a yelp and while somehow

Chapter Two: Pregnancy Mishaps

As most mother's know, pregnancy can bring some of the most uncomfortable feelings, ailments, and situations imaginable. For me, all of the above took place. The oddly shaped maternity clothing and the awkward OBGYN doctor appointments are always good for a laugh. When I hit my fifth month of pregnancy, I began to need the pregnancy undergarments and special maternity pants. There's a downside to those pregnancy underwear though. As the woman's belly grows bigger and rounder,

Chapter One: The Journey Begins

The beginning of my family's journey began with my wedding day. February 29th, 2000 was the day of our first encounter with humor at the wrong moment as a family.

The Setting:

It was a cool Tuesday afternoon. I was nervously buttoning up my floral dress, and my soon-to-be husband was coming home from work. My soon-to-be

Introduction to the Journey

My life, like most other's of this world, has been a wild, upside-down, mess of emotional roller coasters. Ranging from joy to fear to anger to love. Toss in mistakes, and you will have a small part of who I am as well as many people of this wonderfully complicated planet. Many times I've felt like a toddler learning to walk and tripping over everything including