Introduction to the Journey

My life, like most other's of this world, has been a wild, upside-down, mess of emotional roller coasters. Ranging from joy to fear to anger to love. Toss in mistakes, and you will have a small part of who I am as well as many people of this wonderfully complicated planet. Many times I've felt like a toddler learning to walk and tripping over everything including the thin air, while I was trying to find my path in life. Some of my mistakes have been great, while others are simply that of an inexperienced soul. With all that I've been through so far, in my young years yet, I've found that the key to surviving it all is pure and simple. All you need is the ability to find humor in all things good, bad, miraculous, disastrous, and all the range of emotions in between.

From a very young age, I learned that laughter was indeed the best medicine. My father always found ways to make me laugh, or encourage me to laugh through the pain, sorrow, disappointment, anger, and all the other feelings we, as humans, sometimes involuntarily delve into. Although there are appropriate moments to laugh and to not laugh, it almost seemed as if my father had no boundaries and guided me into a soul saving release of laughing my way through anything. I can honestly say, without humor, I'm not so sure I'd be “OK” today.

This memoir has long since been coming, and at the urge of my family and friends, who often heard of my family mishaps and personal hysterical mishaps and adventures, I've given in and decided to amuse the rest of society. Besides, if your not laughing with me, then I just look like a crazy lady laughing all by myself. I've been there before, it's kind of awkward feeling.

The stories I share with you, they are all part of me and who I am. Some will be descriptive of some unpleasant experiences that led to an amusing or happy result, and some are just told to give more of a sense of who I am. In all that you will read though, I doubt you will be unable to relate even if only once. After all, no one is perfect! During my story telling, often, you will enter a scene setting, where I will describe to you the surroundings and story leading up to the moment. I'll then follow with a bit of dialogue to bring the moment to life for you. So sit back, and enjoy a few laughs and smiles.

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