Killer Tomatoes! AHHHH!!

I didn't think I scared easy, but I guess as I've gotten older, I do! Earlier today, my sweet neighbor, Madonna (not the pop star) sent a bucket of tomatoes over to me. She grows them organically but so many of them grow that she can't eat them all herself. So I will boil them, mash them, put them in a stew (hah... did ya catch the Lord of the Rings reference there?) and happily eat them. Moving along... today the husband had to work a half day. After work, he agreed to go help his best friend to work on his car. I had planned to go to a meeting of some friends, but the car was important, and his friend has been there for us several times in the past. So I agreed to skip this meeting so my husband could go help him out. He was gone for the majority of the day, but we checked in with one another a couple of times to say hi and I love you. We're sappy like that. Well, as my son is holding the bucket for me to look at, I pick up one odd looking tomato that has a gaping hole in the side. As I turn to look it over, my phone rings.

 Now, I have a certain ring tone for frequent callers. My husband's ringtone is Kate Miller-Heidke's  "Politics in Space" because the men sing a short line in there that says, "pretty much" and it's a phrase my husband says frequently. So the song makes me giggle when I hear it and think of it. Naturally, it deserved to become a ringtone. However, when the phone first rings, it's a guitar strumming noise accompanied with a clap of the tamborine and a drum, So it *can* startle you if you're not prepared. So you can imagine that when I went to examine the freaky looking tomato a little better, and my phone (which was sitting *right next to my hand*) went off, I screamed, threw the tomato and immediately my son broke out into hysterical fits of laughter. Then he proceeded to hold the tomato and give it a voice while making it "walk" across my bed... saying, "Arrgg... I'm going to EAT you!" 

Meanie... It's not nice to make fun of Mom. LOL!

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