Whew! That was a close call!!

Well, my "no car wreck" streak was broken tonight after a little old man pulled right out in front of me while I was doing down Broad Street doing about 45, on my way back home from picking up Autumn from dance class. 

He was crossing at a intersection break and I saw him on the left getting ready to pull out. I was the only car in two lanes, and I was in the right lane. I knew right away that he was going to go past the left lane and into the right lane because most people do. So I had two choices, I could swerve to the left and risk slamming into the back left end of his giant SUV, or I could chance it and drive up onto the sidewalk for a while and maybe avoid him. Defensive driving skills kicked in. I drove up onto the sidewalk, and I skimmed right by him, just barely grazing him (we exchanged minor amounts of paint and he closed my side mirror LOL). As this was happening, I was point at him and yelling something (which I am not proud of) at him. I was soooo peeved. I really wasn't sure what kind of damage I had. 

I hopped out of the car, immediately checked to make sure the kids were OK, then did a walk around and was stunned to see absolutely no damage at all. *HIGH FIVE TO ME!!!* The poor guy was so shaken up. First he thought he wrecked into a cop. I calmed him down on that. Then he realized I had children in the car with me, and he got upset again. Again, I calmed him down, and then apologized for yelling at him (which I now realize he had no idea I was even yelling at him because he was in his car, and I was in mine... Thank God!! LOL! I would have felt even 100 times worse for cursing at him if he'd have heard me!). He was so so upset and apologetic. He said, "I didn't even see you until we hit. I am so sorry! You did an amazing job at defensive driving young lady! You saved both of us and our cars! I mean, really good decision there!" I said, "Thanks. I've had enough wrecks by now that I can actually see what's going to happen now and find the best route to cause the least amount of damage." LOL! He calmed down once I chatted with him a few moments to reassure him I was OK, the kids were fine, and my car was alright. I do need an alignment as it knocked it out of alignment pretty good. And since I needed new tie rod ends anyway, we just bought the parts and tomorrow James will replace those parts and then go get it aligned. 

Whew... that was a freakin' close call. Oh, and to make it even weirder and more lucky... The last wreck I had was over ten years ago, and it was on my dad's birthday. Today is my Mom's birthday. LOL! And I wrecked right in front of a church, and I stopped just short of a big bell that was on top of the church sign, encased in brick. I was about 20 feet from hitting it. I managed to hit no poles, no people, no mailboxes, and no signs, and all the while, I had only two tires on the street and the other two on the sidewalk. :-O I, literally, was playing bumper cars with the guy. Later I felt even worse for him when he said, with a sigh, "I guess my wife is right. I guess I'm getting to old to drive anymore." Oh... man, talk about making me feel even worse for having yelled at him (even if he couldn't hear me). :( But at least, in the end, we were all OK and got to drive home to tell the tale. In the midst of all of it, Nate braced for impact and Autumn actually took off her seat belt and slid to the opposite side of the car to avoid being crushed by the car hitting because it looked like it was going to hit on her side. I fussed at her for taking off the seat belt at first, but looking at it from her point of view, I can understand what she was thinking now. She was just thinking fast and trying to stay alive. LOL! Everything in the backseat was in her lap on the right side of the car by the time I come to a stop. LOL

Later, when we got home, Autumn broke out into tears because she accidentally dropped and broke the soap stone jewelry box I gave to her. So I had to take a time out to comfort her and tell her we could glue it back together with E6000 glue. Then she tripped and fell off the end of my bed when she went to get up to get a snack. Poor girl is having a rough day. :( So she's cuddled in my bed and eating kitkats now. Nate actually apologized to me for cursing because when we were about to hit, I heard him exclaim "Holy sh**!!!" LOL! It scared him, I think. Both kids said I was drivin' like a race car driver when I was avoiding the wreck. Haha... so yeah... that was my evening so far!!!

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